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Parade Pics Parade Pics

Marcus was drafted by his boss to participate in the town parade on the company float.
Everyone loved him! Marcus did a great job dancing around for two hours on that "stage."

Kanko Wagon Me skiing, well not quite
On the left is a picture of Meagan and a couple of her friends, they are sitting ontop of the "Kanko" wagon, this was used to promote her friend Jeremy's new game by the same name, Ok so maybe they just wanted to paint up the van. Then on the right is a picture of me water skiing :-) ok maybe not but hey I can see me trying it. Actually I don't know who sent me this picture but I got it in my email and had to put it up here :-)

Me and Meagan after my Graduation Our picture from a Webcam
The Picture on the left is pretty self explanitary, it is Me and Meagan taken after Graduation from High School, probably one of my happiest days :-) The Picture on the right is probably the first picture of us. I used to have a webcam on my computer and you could play interactive games with it, we played basketball with the webcam and had alot of fun with it. I took this picture of us before we left.

Me taking a nap My mom and one of my Nephews
The Picture on the left is one of me, Shawn (Meagan's brother), Dan (Meagan's Dad). We were at a graduation party for one of Meagan's family members, I was just taking a short nap. The picture on the right is of my Mother holding my little nephew Ryan of which she is so proud of.

A stickhouse we made writting lovenotes on a rock
On the left is a picture of a stickhouse that Meagan and I made down on my farm, it was quite a nice one, I made a ladder to the top without any string or anything just sticks, we had alot of fun making it. On the right is a picture of Meagan and I writing our names on a rock at her grandma's house, we had spent the afternoon walking barefoot down the stream.


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