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Moving Day October 2005

This is definitely a classic shot, we had to completely disassemble our washer and dryer to get it out of our apartment, and we got this picture while Paul was reassembling the washer.

What would moving day be without the moving jester?

This was the only shot we have of Shawn helping, but rest assured he was a great help.

For a housewarming gift my Dad brought my old snow shovel, I used it for years at home when I was a teenager. I think my grandfather made it out of old farming machinery parts; anyway the shovel itself weighs about 15 pounds.

What do you think are we helping or hindering?

Taking a well deserved break after a long day at work.

Now the real work begins as Meagan's mom Debi begins the second day with some coffee.

Missing from the pictures are Meagan (she was running the camera), Meagan's dad Dan, Marcus' brother Doug, and Marcus' sister Brenda.


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