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  I didn't write this poem about Marcus and I, we have never fought about anything. I think I was inspired to write this poem after one of my many fights with my mother, who I affectionly refer to as "Mama Meanie." I suppose I should clarrify that. Okay, we call my maternal grandmother "Nanie" and one day my mom and I were discussing what my mom will be called when she is someday a grandmother and we said that we couldn't call her "Nanie" because that was already being used so we said "Well, you could be called 'Neenie'" And then I said, "I know, how about Meanie?!" And that my mom came to be refered to as Mama Meanie. Anyway, I wrote this poem to descride the power words have.

'Injustice' by Master Farshchian


Her mouth opened and without thinking
Harsh, cruel words flew out like needle-sharp pieces of steel,
Cutting him wide open.
He backed away and unconsciencely lifted his hand
As though to defend himself from another wound
His face could not hide the hurt as he dropped his eyes,
Unable to believe that it was she who had caused this overwhelming pain.
Even as the thoughtless words had escaped her mouth,
She regretted them, desperately wishing she could take them back
And tried to apologize, whispering,
ďIím sorry - I didnít mean it - I -Ē
He managed to lift his head,
But could not look into her eyes,
And she could sense that even as he made
A half-hearted attempt to smile,
The damage was already done.

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