at Marcus' house

I wrote this poem before Marcus and I started going out and I was unsure of how Marcus felt about me. It was very difficult to tell what Marcus was feeling/thinking because he never shared his thoughts with anyone. I was the first person he ever really opened up to. I watched Marcus for quite a while (over a month and a half) and tried to figure out what he was like but I couldn't for the life of me figure him out! It was nearly impossible to learn what he was like and whether he was interested in me. The funny thing is that he was wondering the same thing about me!

Waiting, Watching, Wondering

Waiting, watching, wondering
I'm unsure of your feelings toward me
I'm uncertain about my feelings toward you.
Hesitantly, I hang back,
Not wanting to seem forward or flirty,
Yet wanting to spend time with you,
To talk to you
And listen to your hopes and dreams.
Meanwhile, I wait, watch, and wonder.

The more I'm around you
The more my feelings for you grow.
We share the same faith, values, and many of the same interests.
Many of our goals apppear to be the same.
We're very similar, you and I.
I wonder if we are similar in that
You, too, are waiting, watching, wondering.

I walk a very narrow line,
Trying to balance between friendliness and "flirtiness"
And trying not to make a mistake.
This game of emotions and hearts
Is frustrating and confusing,
Yet exciting at the same time.
I am satisified with being "just friends"
And yet I long for something more.
As I am unsure of how you feel,
I will continue as I have been:
Waiting, watching, wondering.