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  This is a poem through the eyes of a woman who had an abortion and now realizes what she has done Ė she had murdered her baby. She also realizes that although she sincerely regrets her decision and would do anything to go back and change what she has done, nothing can bring her baby back.

Unborn Child

Useless Apology

Iím sorry I robbed you of your life
Before it had really begun,
Iím sorry you never got the chance
To laugh and smile and love and dream,
Iím sorry you never got to choose what you wanted to be,
Iím sorry I placed my convenience over your life,
Iím sorry I never gave you the chance to grow up
And experience all of lifeís joys and tears,
Iím sorry I never gave you the chance to be born.
Iím sorry that you had to pay the ultimate price
For my selfishness, my blindness, my mistake,
I know that no matter how sincere an apology,
It will never give you back what I stole,
And that saying I would do anything to have you here with me
Will never allow me to see your face.
I know that simple words will never be enough,
And can never express my guilt and grief,
But an apology is all I have to offer.

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