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"Tiffie-toes, on yer nose!"

Here is poem about Tiffanie's first real hair cut: Tiffanie

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Here's is Tiffanie's page. If you've read Mandie's Page and Dustin's Page, you know that Mandie is the Queen (of everything) and Dustin is her Court Jester. Tiffie is, well, Tiffie is just Tiffie. And very loud. And exuberant. And just plain adorable. Tiffie

We got Tiffanie on Veteran's Day, 2000, at a pet shop. I know, I know, that is the worst place to buy a puppy, second only to puppy mills, which coincedently, is where we got Mandie. Anyway, Mom and I went in the pet shop with good intentions; Mom was looking for one of those harness things you put on dogs when they are in the car so that if something happened, the dogs wouldn't get hurt.

Well, Tiffie was sitting there in the window and just looked so cute! Our first mistake was asking the salesperson if we could hold her. The second mistake was that the salesman let us take her back to one of the little stalls in the back of the store so we could play with her. She was so cute, playing with this little red cat toy ball thing with a jingle bell in it. Mom and I tried to call Dad to see what he had to say, but he wasn't home, so Mom allowed me to talk her into buying the cute little Maltese puppy that we named Tiffanie Star Barry, ('Star' because she was born on the Fourth of July.) Oh, and by the way, we never did get that car harness. :-)

Tiffie absolutely loves this awful green blanket that we keep on the floor for her. You could call it her "security blanket." Anyway, she especially likes to sleep directly in front of the front door because it is colder there and Tiffie is always hot. Tiffie

"Up, Mommy, up! Please!

Tiffanie follows my Mom all around the house, and when she pauses for just a second, Tiffie is right there, begging to be held.

"It was hard work, but I did it! I jumped and jumped and jumped, and grabbed that casserole pan right off the counter! And here's the best part - Mom will never even dream of thinking that I did it, after all, they still think that the highest thing I'll jump onto is the couch! Ha-ha-ha, and it's mine, all mine! My own! My precious ...!*"

If you don't know where "it's mine, all mine! My own! My precious ...!" came from, read the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein. Or take a look at the section of this website devoted to Lord of the Rings.

Tiffie always insists on being near Mom, even if that means having to be on Mom's quilting room table. As you can see, she is very helpful. Tiffie

Now, could you have resisted her? I didn't think so. Tiffie


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