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Marcus's nephew Ryan with the Clifford we gave him for his first birthday

Ryan's Clifford Blanket

This is the Clifford blanket that Marcus and I gave his nephew Ryan for his first birthday. A big red dog for a big boy. :-) I made the blanket in just two or three days. I used flannel for the back and sewed it inside-out like a pillow, then turned it. I had sew (get it, "sew") much fun quilting this! I let my feed dogs down and just let loose! I did sqiggles and curly q's and just got crazy. It was great quilting practice. It turned out really cute, but quite ripply. Oh well. Stew, Ryan's mom, says that it is the only blanket Ryan will just drop down and sleep on, so I guess he doesn't mind the ripples.

Ryan's Clifford Blanket Ryan's Clifford Blanket Ryan's Clifford Blanket Ryan's Clifford Blanket

Lizard Throw

This is the first fleece and flannel throw I made. I just love it! It is so nice and snuggly and cheerful! I don't like working with the fleece, though. It gets my sewing machine all fuzzy and the combination of flannel and fleece is really heavy and also quite hot, especially when working on these in the summer. But they would be a nice winter project and they are great Christmas presents. Since then, I have made Marcus one regular-size fleece and flannel throw and one really, really big throw that he requested because the first one just wasn't big enough. He said, "I really like the nice throw you gave me, but it's just not big enough. When I cover my feet, my shoulders get cold, but when I pull it up, my feet get cold." Check that other one out. I made it big enough to fit on his double bed! (he was still living with his parents at that point) Never again! But I am glad that at least I didn't have to make it big enough to fit on a queen-size bed!

Anna's Throw

Anna is Marcus's youngest niece (his sister Marilee's daughter) who was two years old in March. The throw was her one-year birthday present from Marcus and I. Anna's older brother Noah, who turned four in the spring, also recieved a throw from Marcus and I, but his throw had blue teddy bears on it.



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