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  Who Is This Man?

Who is this man?
He calls God “Abba, Father”
And claims to be Messiah.
Demons fear Him,
Trembling at his name,
And even the wind and the waves obey Him!
Who is this man?

His radical teachings go against
All I’ve been taught,
Preaching that all my attempts to reach heaven
Are for naught!
He denounces the religious leaders,
Calling them hypocrites!
Who is this man?

Those in power say that He’s demon-filled
The devil himself,
But how can Satan cast out Satan?
And I never knew
Of a demon that went about
Healing blind men and lepers.
Who is this man?

He fed five thousand people
With just a small boy’s lunch
And forgives the sins of those who believe.
The people adore Him and have tried to make Him king
But each time He refuses and slips away
Saying that His kingdom is not of this world.
Who is this man?

He dines with sinners and tax collectors
Loving the unlovables
And tells the people to forgive others.
He speaks in parables
And walks on water.
Who is this man?

He claims to be God and yet appears to be human,
He says he will exist forever,
And yet speaks of his nearing death
And claims that he will then rise again.
His words hold such power,
I’ve seen them bring the dead back to life!
Who is this man?

Liar, lunatic, or Lord?
Demon or Jehovah?
I want to believe,
Oh God, I want to believe!
My faith is so weak,
But I know in my heart that He speaks the truth,
Oh God, help me to believe in this Man.

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