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I got the inspiration to write this poem while watching a cartoon called "Rocket Power." (at least, I think that's it's name) I think that a lot of people do what "the others" did to the surfer girl in this poem, perhaps not to the extent "the others" did, but it still happens. People look at someone and think "Wow, that person is so much better/prettier/smarter/cooler/etc than me that they would never like someone like me" when really that other person is wanting a friend too. Without companionship, the soul withers away. There have been several times in my life that I did not try to become friends with someone because I assumed they wouldn't or didn't like me or because I thought they were better than me, only to later find out that the person really liked me and thought I was really cool. I guess what I'm trying to say is reach out to the people around you because you could be missing out on a great friendship.

Surfer Girl

Envying her long hair,
Her graceful, flowing movements,
The ease with which she climbs the waves.
The others stop and stare at her,
Perfection in their eyes,
The image they desire to be like
A standard they never even hope to attain.
Admiration, jealousy, and worship all in one.
Not daring to speak with one so above them,
Day by day, they pass on by,
Never stopping to notice
That the surfer girl surfs alone.

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