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Stars in Motion

Stars in Motion

"Stars in Motion" was made entirely of batiks - hand-dyed and/or hand-painted fabric. The only fabric repeated in the whole quilt is the background fabric, meaning that a different fabric was used for each block, equaling 63 different fabrics, plus the background. I made one block inverted, as is shown in the link to the far right, just to be different and to throw people off. Obviously, the quilt is not done; I want to design an applique border, but I haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet. All I know is that I want something with suns, moons, and stars to carry on the celestial theme. I may use a narrow dark border first, and then put on the second border that will be the same fabric as the background fabric in the blocks with the applique design on that.

If you look at the block in the third row from the bottom, second from the right, you will see that I made one block inverted with the background fabric as the star and the usual star fabric as the background. Why? Because I could. And because it makes people look twice at the quilt and that is one of my main goals in quilting - to make double-take quilts, quilts that you really, really look at, like "Geckos in My Garden."



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