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My quilts hung up at my High Schoool Graduation Party

Meagan Barry Weidner's Bed Quilts

Well, here are my bed-sized quilts. I don't have as many of these as art quilts, mainly because I don't have as much room to lay them out or to store the finished product. (We have a very small 4 room apartment. Oh, well, someday ...) As soon as I can get around to it, I'll be adding some pictures of the quilts I made for Marcus's two nieces, Kaitlin and Allison, as well as a purse and some Christmas stockings.

Stars In Motion
"Stars In Motion"
Manly Man
"Manly Man"
Fleece and Flannel Throws
"Fleece & Flannel Throws"
Autumn Splendor
"Autumn Splendor"
Marcus's Big Throw
"Marcus's Big Throw"

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