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My quilts hung up at my High Schoool Graduation Party

Meagan Barry Weidner's Art Quilts & Wallhangings

I hope this new layout of the quilt section works better. The old one was getting a little ungainly because so many new quilts have been added. :-) I've also been working on making some art quilts/wallhangings to sell; their pictures should be up soon. Sew much to do, sew little time.

Hippie Quilt
"Hippie Quilt"
Butterfly Waltz
"Butterfly Waltz"
Indian Mask
"Indian Mask"
Hearts Entwined
"Hearts Entwined"
Chinese New Year
"Chinese New Year"
"Unending Love"
Geckos in My Garden
"Geckos in My Garden"
Wacky Hearts
"Wacky Hearts"

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