This is the very first poem I wrote about Marcus and me. One night at youth group (before we were going out) I showed it to him along with "Waiting, Watching, Wondering" and some other poems (that aren't on the website), but I didn't tell Marcus that the two poems were about him until later. I was pretty sure that he liked me but I wasn't positive, so I didn't tell him.

Second Period, English Class

It's second period, English class
And Dickens is boring me to death.
With my chin in my hand,
I stare through my book
And find myself Somewhere else.
I begin to walk
And suddenly, there you are,
Surprised, but pleased, just like me.
We wander together for what seems like forever
Talking about everything, nothing,
And all that's in between.
I never want to leave this Place or you.
You turn to say something,
But as you begin to speak,
The bell rings.
And I am back in second period, English class.
I sigh, pick up my books, and go on with my day.
Later, I see you
And impulsively ask "How was your second period class?"
With a sheepish grin you say "Well I wasn't really paying attention today."
I smile and nod and silently recall
"It was just a dream!"
Or was it?