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  I always have my HMP3 player on, whether I am just checking my mail or whether I am coding. (I am quite proud of my substantial playlist - nearly 700 songs.) Anyway, I was inspired to write both "The Music" and "The Beat" while I was working online and listening to MP3 player. During "The Beat" a fast song was blaring loudly, and when "The Music" was created, a slower, quieter song was playing. Music is very powerful; it can soothe and heal, inspire or enrage. Use it accordingly.

The Music

Tension, panic, desperation,
My head begins to pound,
I cannot breathe,
Then I hear It.
A soft, beautiful melody
Floats through the air
And penetrates my senses.
It is joined by a sweet harmony
That soothes my frantic soul.
Melody and Harmony weave together
Like dancers performing an intricate dance
That is never repeated.
They soothe my mind and comfort my soul.
I can feel myself melting,
Dissolving and softening,
And I find that I am Changed
Because of the music.

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