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Quilt hanging up at my high school graduation party

Manly Man

"Manly Man" was my Christams present to Marcus (2001). I sewed the quilt (which was designed by Lorrina Laumer, a local quilter) at school during an independant study in quilting. The top took me from about September to November to sew, then it was machine quilted by Gean Berg (another local quilter) and also bound in December. I sewed the label on the back on Christmas Eve, just hours before I gave it to Marcus! He was so surprised! After Marcus opened the present, he told me that he had been hoping for a quilt, but didn't think that I would've had time to make one.

I have had to borrow this quilt a few times for various shows and to hang up at my graduation party (see the picture above) and you should hear Marcus complain! He says, "Now I'm gonna catch pneumonia (he literally never gets sick) because I won't have my quilt to keep me warm (it's the middle of July)." You'd think I had asked him to cut off a limb or something! :-) It really is cute to see how attached he gets to his quilts. I'm really glad that he appreciates both them and my obsession. Yes, obsession - you can't really call something that takes over your house and your life a "hobby."



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