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Mandie, Queen of the Universe!

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Here are pictures of Her Royal Highness - Mandalin Falcor Barry the Peekapoo (Half Pekinese, half Poodle). She will permit you to call her "Mandie" if you give her a bite. (She loves spaghetti noodles, bread, peas, and basically anything you're eating.) Mandie sunning herself

My Mom bought Mandie on Mother's Day, 1992, at a puppy mill for $25. Yes, yes, I know that puppy mills are the worst place to buy dogs, but Mom just couldn't resist her! She was just so darn cute! As you can see, she certainly won our hearts. I made the background of this picture of Mandie and my brother Shawn using Adobe Photoshop 6.0. (7.0 is much better.) My brother Shawn and Lil Miss Mandie

Mandie was the runt of her litter and has never weighed more than 5 lbs., even on a full stomach. When people first see my dogs, the first thing out of their mouths, besides commenting how loud the dogs are, is "Oh, what cute puppies!" and "Are they all related?"

To answer the first question, Mandie will be 10 years old in March, Dustin is 8, and Tiffanie is 2, so all three are full-grown. The second question's answer is No, my dogs are not related. Mandie is a Peekapoo, and Dustin and Tiffanie are Maltese but aren't related besides the fact that they are of the same breed.
Mandie Begging

Now that I have my laptop, I work program, etc., in my room, (Marcus put a network cable up there for me.), but before, I used to have to work on the family computer in the basement and sometimes Mandie would come down with me and "help." See, even my dogs are computer geeks! :-) Mandie at the computer

Sleeping is one of Mandie's three favorite activities, the other two being Eating and Playing. Anyway, Mandie sleeps all day long. No, really. All Day long. Here's a poem about one of Mandie's favorite activity:

     On pillows, blankets, and every chair,
     Mandie snores without a care,
     On towels warm and couch backs tall,
     She curls up into a furry ball.
     Is that a quilt with colors bold?
     Mandieís sure to be snuggled within a fold.
     But among all surfaces from coast to coast,
     Mandie loves Momís lap the most!
Mandie sleeping

And here's Mandie playing with one of her many toys. She really likes the ones that squeak and when someone is playing fetch with her, she won't let you have the toy back to throw again until she has thoroughly "killed" it. Mandie has a whole big basket of them - stuffed balls, tennis balls, chewies, bones, stuffed monkeys, bears, rabbits, greenies, etc.! I think that dog has more stuff that I do! Well, maybe not quite as much stuff as I do, but anyway ... Mandie

Mandie's other favorite activity is eating. That dog, I mean, the Queen spends almost as much time eating, or begging rather, as she does sleeping. However, no matter how much she eats, Mandie never seems to gain any weight. Lucky dog. Marcus says that instead of making her get fatter, each table scrap Mandie gets makes her even more skinny. Mandie Begging more

"The smell of that chicken is driving me crazy! Can't you see I'm starving?!? Okay, okay, just a little closer! Just a little closer and I'll have it! I'll swallow it whole!" Just a little closer!

"Oh, can we go for a walk? Please? Please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeease!!! And, and, and, can we hunt rabbits? Oh, please say we can outside and hunt rabbits! Please!"

Mandie also loves to outside for walks. whenever you say, "Mandie wanna go for a walk? Huh? Wanna go for a walk?" her ears perk up just like they are in the picture. And when she gets outside, Mandie has go hunt rabbits. There's only one problem. The rabbits are just as big, or bigger, than Mandie! We are afraid what the rabbit would do to her if she actually got close enough to one.
Can we go outside? Please?

My Mom has become a true follower of FlyLady and she is sucking me into the program, too. It really is a good program - FlyLady has you go through your house and fling (get rid of) stuff you don't like, haven't used, and don't plan on using. Anyway, Mandie is supervising Mom's "decluttering" efforts in my parents's bedroom. After all, Her Highness can't dirty her pretty little white paws and actually do something. Mandie supervising


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