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  This is the only love poem I have written so far that is not about Marcus and myself. I wrote "Loving Each Other With Their Eyes" for two of our friends who aren't aloud to go out but still like each other.

UPDATE: The interest passed quite quickly actually and now the guy is dating someone else. I'm not sure what the girl is doing now. Go figure. But it's still a nice poem with some good sentiments. Kind of a Romeo and Juliet thing, if the two were ever in public together before, well, before the end of the play. (Don't want to spoil the ending for those of you who haven't seen/read it. Someone ruined it for me, so I won't do the same.)

Loving Each Other With Their Eyes

Glancing at each other from across the room,
Longing to be together but not daring to dare tempt fate,
They content themselves with simply
Loving each other with their eyes.
He raises his hand,
Holds up one finger,
Then four,
Then three,
Their only way of expressing "I love you."
She smiles that special smile and nods her head
Acknowledging his movement as they continue
Loving each other with their eyes.

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