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Meagan's Links

Purple Smiley Quilting
     Tims Art Quilt Studio
     Popser's Playground has well over 200 funny short articles written by the husband of a quilter. Perfect for quilters, as well as their husbands
     Web of Thread has lots of fun threads, etc.

Purple Smiley Lord of the Rings
     Council of Elrond is an online community of LotR fanatics, er, fans. Interesting articles, how-to's, and recipes. (My username is "tolkienite")

Purple Smiley Writing, Etc.
     Elfwood is a Fantasy and Science-Fiction art and literature gallery
          Leigh Erickson is a friend from high school and has a library on Elfwood. Go read her stuff!
     Good Quotations by Famous People

Purple Smiley Web Stuff
     MemphisJan's Graphics to Go! More backgrounds

Purple Smiley
Fun Sites
     Bubble Shooter is a very fun and addicting game. Don't say I didn't warn you. :-)
     Clean Jokes and Funny Pictures

Purple Smiley
Helpful Sites
     Snopes is the place to go when you get yet another of those oh-so-annoying forwards that just doesn't quite sound right and you want to know whether that particular story is true or a hoax has tons of summaries and helps on different books

Marcus' Links

Purple Smiley Web Stuff (Of Course :-) If you need a website built or know someone that does this is my company for custom web design and programming. I do all the web hosting and also submitting you to the major search engines.

LinuxQuestions This is a site I spend a lot of time at, it has the best help for pretty much all linux problems that I have found, it you stop by the name I go by there is cli_man ( for those interested it stands for command line interface man as I spend alot of my day at a command line )

SpiderFood This is the best site I spent a long time trying to find, it shows how a search engine works and how to build you site in such a way that it gets put up higher in the search engines.

TigerDirect Here is one of my favorate places to spend my money, check it out if you like.

Seti at Home At work we had a big competition as to who could crunch the most data units, I am glad to report that I am in the top 5% in the world right now, take a look and if you want to see my stats search for me using the username

HtmlForums Here is another forum that I use, you can find alot of help for html and other things here, I mostly search the site as whenever I post I never seem to get a good responce, but when I search the site I can find alot of good info.

Tek-Tips By now you can probably tell that I am a forums kind of guy. Well, when you are trying to learn everything on your own, it helps to find a place to ask others for help, me being in Amishtown, USA, there are not many other computer nerds around. On this site, almost any computer question is fair game because the site is so large.


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