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Hope Quilt


27 1/2" x 27 3/4"

"Hope" just recently returned from Australia where it was part of a collection of "Quilt for a Cure" quilts in a quilt show put on by my quilt guild's sister guild in Australia.

I made it using fabrics from the "Quilt for a Cure" line. (A portion of the proceeds was donated to breast cancer research.) I made "Hope" for a challenge my quilt guild offered and chose to put butterflies on the quilt because butterflies are a symbol of hope and rebirth. It was my way of saying that there is hope for breast cancer victims and that they can continue on with their lives, still beautiful.

Although she doesn't know it yet, my grandmother will be recieving this quilt as a birthday/Christmas gift this upcoming Decemeber (2002). She said that this quilt was her favorite out of all the one's I have made. Of course, her decorating taste is very Victortian, so I am not surprised.

UPDATE: I gave Nanie that quilt for a Christmas/Birthday present. As she was opening it, I could tell she had absolutely no idea what was in the odd-wrapped package. Then, as she unrolled the quilt, her face just lit up and she started yelling, "Oh, Meagan! Oh, Meagan! You gave me that quilt! This is my favorite one you've ever made!" Now it hangs in her bedroom and matches everything perfectly. :-)

The last picture of one of my Mom's dog Tiffanie. As is a well-known fact, all quilts in the Barry or Weidner households belong to the dogs. (Or Marcus, depending on who you ask.) Anyway, Tiffie was taking advantage of this fact and decided that I could not take all these pictures without her invaluable help. Yes, she's a pain, but she's such a cutie, isn't she?

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