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  Read "The Garden Ball" and think about what pictures I am painting, and I'll give you a hint already, the poem is not about prom. You may have to read it more than once. When you are finished, go to the bottom of the page and I will tell you what the poem is about. Don't feel bad if you don't get it, 2 out of the 3 first people that I had read "The Garden Ball" didn't get the idea the first time. Enjoy!

A rose photographed by my grandfather

The Garden Ball

Nature’s delicate daughter enters the Great Ballroom,
Full of hope and promise,
Spreading forth her flowing robes of the softest, reddest velvet,
The scent of Spring trails along behind her,
Accompanied by silent chaperones
Dressed in dark leaf green and carrying tiny spears.
She basks in the warm kiss of the sky’s guardian
And dances with polite gentlemen
Clad in fitted suits of yellow and black.
But night falls all too soon and with fond farewells,
She waves good-bye to her courteous partners,
Sweeps up her elegant velvet layers
And exits,
Promising to return tomorrow.

"The Garden Ball" is the first poem I have written in this particular style. Okay, first of all, 'Nature’s delicate daughter' (Line 1) is a rose. The clues are 'her flowing robes of the softest, reddest velvet' (Line 3) which describes her petals. The rose's 'silent chaperons' (Line 5) are leaves, and the 'tiny spears' (Line 6) are thorns. The 'warm kiss of the sky’s guardian' (Line 7) is the sun's rays and the 'polite gentlemen/Clad in fitted suits of yellow and black' (Lines 8 and 9) are bees. The closing lines describe how a flower closes up at night, but one knows that tomorrow it will just as beautiful. I hope that you have enjoyed this different style of poetry.

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