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  I wrote this poem while Marcus was on his senior trip. I was really missing him I had just had a big fight with my Mom so I was really depressed. After I wrote this poem, it kinda scared me because "The Flame Within" wasn't happy and light like all the other poems I had written so far. Now I realize that "The Flame Within" explores emotions that my previous poems didn't. This poem describes how the tongue can deeply hurt even those close to us.


The Flame Within

My tears flow,
Like melting wax away from a flame,
Distorting and disfiguring
The candle of my surroundings.
I am as constant and stable
As a candle's bobbing, ever-changing flame.
I bend and bow in whatever
Direction the wind is blowing,
Burning and scarring
Those unfortunates I come in contact with,
Hurting those I claim to love.
So, beware, O Butterflies,
Bewitched by the seemingly wonderous light
I shed in this darkened place,
For I am no different than any other flame,
And will unconsciencely destroy
Any who come too near.

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