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  I wrote this poem several Valentine's Days ago, but don't worry, it's not about me - Marcus sent beautiful roses to my school for me on this particular Valentine's Day. He is so wonderful! Anyway, I was inspired to write "February 14th" after hearing a very pretty, very popular girl suddenly exclaim in the middle of class, "I hate Valentine's Day!" And she meant it, too! I was shocked to hear her say that, but then I remembered what every Valentine's Day before this one was like, nothing but a few corny cards from some aquaintances, and I understood. "February 14th" is dedicated to this girl, who shall remain anonymous, and to the other 95% of the American population who are ignored on the 'day of lovers.'

February 14th

She sits alone at her desk,
No flowers.
No candy.
No valentines.
She looks up hopefully each time someone passes by,
But no one exchanging paper hearts
Pauses long enough to glance in her direction.
She waits expectantly as the carnations are handed out,
Soon the flowers have disappeared,
But her name was never called.
Her hopeful features fall
And she pretends to search for a non-existant pen
Trying to hide the tears
That refuse to be held back.
“No one ever noticed me before,”
She whispers fiercely, her face full of pain.
“Why should today be any different?”

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