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  An Explanation for the Blind

For the painter
Who reaches for his camel hair brush
To again attempt to recreate
Onto a reincarnated tree
An unbelievable sunset,
For the dancer
Who through graceful movements
And passionate music
Communicates deep emotions.
For the carver
Who strips away
At a rough and ugly block of wood
To reveal the exquisite creature
He sees hidden inside,
For the writer
Who resists sleep to record
The flash of inspiration
Some ordinary daily routine has given him,
For the potter
Who takes a simple lump of clay
And punishes it, molds it, and forms it
Into the sculpture he sees in his minds eye,
For all the artists
Ever asked the well-meant, but
Painful question
“Why? Why not something reliable?”
I offer an explanation,
A reason for our madness:
We do not create because we can,
We create because we must!

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