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Element of Fire: Eclipse

My quilt guild has a sister guild in Australia and they created a challenge for our two guilds. The challenge was called "Elements of Nature." Each of the four elements - air, earch, fire, and water - were represented by two different fat quarters. The rules of the challenge were that 10% of both fat quarters had to be used in a quilt interpreting that element. The quilt could not exceed 36". I wanted to do all four, but didn't have enough time to do so. However, I did make fire and earth (See "Geckos in My Garden"). All the quilts that were entered are being shown in our guild show and we had to write a short essay saying how our quilt interpreted that element. Here is my essay. I really tried hard not to sound all "New Age-y."

“Eclipse” is my original design and interprets the element of fire by showing a sun with red and yellow arms outstretched behind a pale crescent moon. Fire is not motionless, passive thing, but actively flickers and twists, so I gave the sun long, undulating arms of flame rather than straight, angular ones. The opposite of the sun is the moon, which also represents the balance that is required to keep fire from consuming everything it comes in contact with. The sun is a continuously burning ball of fire, requiring no other source of fuel than itself. Fire symbolizes energy, and the solar power is one of mankind’s main sources of energy. The sun effectively captures all the attributes of fire – change, energy, heat, and flame.

Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse



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