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Dustin... "Help! Where is Mom????"

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If you have read Mandie's page, then you know that Mandie is the Queen. Well, Dustin is her Court Jester. However, Dustin is first and foremost, a Mama's boy. His entire life revolves around Mom. In fact, when Mom isn't home, he doesn't know what to do with himself. He just sits there and whines whenever he hears a car. Dustin

We got Dustin a week before Christmas, 1994. My family and I went to the movie theater for a double movie special. We saw "The Santa clause" and "The Jungle Book." Mrs. Swerdon, a lady we knew from a church we used to attend, was there and she and my Mom starting talking and she mentioned that she bred Maltese and Dalmations and that she had one little male Maltese puppy left from the last litter. Well, to make a long story short, we went over to Mrs. Swerdon's house and Mom held the little puppy the whole time we were there. So, obviously, we bought the puppy and Mom named him Dustin Tanner Barry. Dustin

"Let's see, anything good in the Doggy Daily? Hmmm, here's an article on linking barking with bad breath ... Ooohh, here's a good one titled 'How to Make Mom Love You More' ..." Dustin

Dustin Dustin Dustin

Dustin does his Doggy Exercises

"I am letting Meagan's friend Katie hold me while Meagan takes our picture with her digital camera, although I do wish that Mom was holding me instead. Oh, well, maybe next time." Dustin

"Yes! Mom is holding me! Now if only that other dog, that Tiffanie weren't in the picture. Maybe I should have Meagan teach me how to play around with Adobe Photoshop so I can just remove Tiffanie all together ..." Dustin, Mom, and Tiffanie

Dustin, like Mandie, primarily just sleeps. He doesn't really play, although once in a while, if he gets really excited (like when Mom gets home), he takes one of Mandie's toy's and carries it around in his mouth, barking happily. Dustin

"Just don't tell Mandie I'm friends with the rabbit."

Here behind my Dad's recliner is one of Dustin's favorite places to sleep, besides on the arm of the couch, on Mom's lap, or next to Dad on Dad's big recliner.

"Look, Mom, I'm on the Internet!"


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