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Me when I was little

Days Gone By

How I look back upon days gone by
And reflect that in my endeavor to grow up, to become mature and wise and old,
I sacrificed my childhood
Naively trading precious jewels for common stones.
I reminisce about those days gone by,
Days I cannot return to.
If only I had known then what I know now,
That dolls are the best playmates,
Teddy bears are the only friends who will never tell your secrets,
And when playing dress-up with grandma’s old nightgowns
Is the only time you are truly glamorous
And tea served in plastic pink cups
Is so much better than the real thing,
That make-believe and “Let’s pretend” is where you can unleash what’s inside
And cowboys and Indians is the most wonderful game.
Images of myself in grass-stained and barefoot swinging,
My hair blowing in the wind that was carrying away my shrieks of laughter
Leave me smiling wryly, for now I would never dare commit such a crime
That would ruin my perfect hair and clean clothes.
And yet for all my careful manicuring and hard-earned education
It was in days gone by that I was wise.

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