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"Dance" is the first quilt of a series called "Silhouettes." I made it in the spring of 2001. The blue figure, shown in the second link, is my friend Julie; the purple figure, shown in the third link, is my friend Valerie; and the orange figure, shown in the fourth link, is my friend Jessica. The quilt was originally titled "Teaching Jessica How to Dance," because that was what Julie and Valerie were doing when I sketched this quilt. The four of us were having a girls's night out, complete with Chinese food and a play at the local theater, and we were having a sleep-over at Julie's house. Julie and Valerie started dancing to the music on the radio, and then started teaching Jessica. My sketch book out was out because I had recently shown them the priliminary sketches for Hearts Entwined, and it hit me that what they were doing would make a neat quilt idea.



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