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Silhoutes: Celebration

"Celebration" is the second quilt in my "Silhouettes" series. Shortly before the quilting retreat that I made Dance, my friend Edward, whom a group of friends and I had been witnessing to for about a year, told me that he had become a Christian. I designed this quilt in honor of him. "Celebration" is based on a verse in the book of Luke that says how the angels celebrate and rejoice when a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord of their life. I embroidered the verse in the bottom left hand corner of the quilt, and the quilt's name in the upper right hand corner.

The instruments hold personal significance as well: my brother Shawn plays the saxophone, and my mother plays the flute. The middle angel is playing the tamberines because I couldn't draw a trumpet, the instrument that my youngest brother Kevin plays.



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