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Marcus's Big Fleece and Flannel Throw

"Marcus's Big Throw"

This past summer, Marcus started telling me how much he loved his fleece and flannel throw and his fleece quillow, but that both were lacking something. The quillow was the right size but not warm enough and the throw was nice and cozy but too small. So, he asked me to make him a big fleece and flannel throw, meaning one big enough to cover his double bed! So, besides thinking what a pain it would be :-), I decided it sounded like a good Christmas present.

I sewed most of the flannel side at home and finished the rest at the Fall, 2002, Quilt Retreat. I gave it to Marcus for Christmas and he just loved it! He couldn't believe that I even found some flannel with skiing moose for the main fabric. (In high school, Marcus's nickname was "Moose," and he absolutely loves to ski - or is that lives to ski? - so I had to use that fabric.)

In the last picture, you can see my Mom's dog Mandie testing Marcus's big throw to make sure it is extra warm and snuggly. :-)

Marcus's Big Throw Marcus's Big Throw Marcus's Big Throw Marcus's Big Throw Marcus's Big Throw



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