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Show and Share at the Fall, 2002, Quilt Retreat

"Autumn Splendor"

"Autumn Splendor" is one of my original quilts that I designed in QuiltPro, (Version 4) and measures about 84 inches square. I made this quilt at the Fall, 2002, Quilt Retreat that my Mom and I attend twice a year. I cut out all the strips and triangles before the retreat. I started sewing the pieces together about noon on Saturday, and by midnight, I had all the blocks finished and about half the top sewn together as well. So, you can see how quickly this quilt went togeter!

I will be selling patterns and teaching a class for "Autumn Splendor" at the Calico Cat quilt shop where my Mom works. I am really excited about teaching the class because I think it will be a fun one to make again. I think I will try it in flannels, too, because the pieces are fairly large. (I don't know about you quilters reading this, but I really dislike make fussy quilts out of flannel, but since "Autumn Splendor" has such nice, big pieces and therefore went together so fast, I think it will work out nicely.)

Autumn Splendor Autumn Splendor Autumn Splendor Autumn Splendor Autumn Splendor Autumn Splendor



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