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The many tongues of Lyssa

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text Alyssa on her pillow

Alyssa laying of the floor

Alyssa on a quilt

"Just hanging out with my human"

What do you think, have you ever seen a more content little dog? I spend a good bit of time each day holding her, and do you see that expression of complete Zen like contentment? She falls straight into that, no need to relax for a bit.
Marcus holding Alyssa

"I Love Taking Walks"

Believe it or not this is what our little girl thinks a walk is, she would happily walk all day long. I know you think I put this description on the wrong picture but trust me I didnít. I have found whenever we try to walk anywhere she would put her paws on me and tell me to pick her up for the duration of the walk.
Alyssa taking a walk

Alyssa wrapped up in blanket

Alyssa being Alyssa

Alyssa staying warm


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