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The many tongues of Lyssa

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In the spring of 2004, Marcus and I (Meagan) started looking for a dog. We wanted to adopt either a Maltese, Poodle, Pekenese, or Yorkie, or a mix of those breeds. To our dismay, most adoption organizations we contacted said we weren't eligable for one of three reasons: 1. We were renting at the time; 2. We, personally, had never owned a dog before (despite the fact that I grew up with small dogs and helped my mom raise them); and 3. That I was under 21 (I was 20 at the time.)

I was really getting worried at this point because I missed having a dog so bad. We couldn't afford a well-bred puppy - upwards to $3,000 - and I refuse to support puppy mills or pet stores. (Many pet stores get their animals from puppy mills.) Finally, my mom's vet said that the Russell SPCA had just rescued a bunch of Yorkies.
Alyssa Posing for the picture

The lady in charge of the Yorkie adoptionsactually listened to us and decided that we were capable of taking care of a dog. When she brought Lyssa, it was love at first sight. Alyssa looking out from under the table

Alyssa, the day we got her

(As she presses up against your monitor)
"I see you, and I want a head pet!"

There are two main things about Alyssa you should know, first off she is in constant need of a head pet, second she spends most of her day with her tongue out, Alyssa had to have all of her teeth removed before we got her so when she gets tired her tongue sticks out, therefore we have a meter as to how tired she is. The further her tongue is out the more tired she is.

Alyssa on her blanket

Alyssa and Marcus in front of Quilt

Alyssa cocking head

Look at Me!

Alyssa on mom

"You are not taking a picture of me are you? But my hair is not done yet!"

We were making BLTís and burnt some toast, as I was throwing it away I saw Alyssa giving me the most mournful look so I did what anyone in that situation would have done and gave her the toast.

Alyssa ran around the house for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do with it, she couldnít eat it because it was to big and we were to busy laughing, at last she went and hid it in her blanket until she could figure out what to do with it.
Alyssa at Breakfest

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