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Abstract Thoughts: Page 6
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Whew! I have finally taken on the ever-so daunting task of putting all my many poem pages (somewhere around 160) into the new layout. No more countless mini websites - I'm forcing everything under one umbrella (layout). I am also weeding out the ghastly backgrounds I was fond of using when I first starting coding. I am making my own backgrounds now, so sometimes I replace the old ones with my own backgrounds, other times I just leave it white. Sometimes simplicity is best.

With each page that I redo, I ask myself, "Does this picture/background enhance the poem? Or does it distract?" I have passed the web design stage wherein one puts in lots of "cool" stuff for the sole reason because one can. Just because you can put a line of half-a-dozen dancing cell phones at the top/bottom/middle of your page doesn't mean you should. :-) I don't mean to offend anyone. Just think about it. And read some more poetry.

icon Razor's Edge

icon Daily Demands

icon Laughter

icon Hand

icon I've Led Other Lives

icon Sonnet

icon Hatred

icon Harness the Wind

icon Tattletale

icon Book Store Musings

icon Home

icon Ode to a Friend

icon The Mightiest of Trees

icon Brick and Mortar

icon Fire Lizard

icon All the Sweetness in the World

icon Wedding Bell Blues

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