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Abstract Thoughts: Page 4

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You know the expression "It might not rain much, but when it does rain, it pours"? Well, thats how it is with my poetry. I wont write anything for days or even weeks, and then suddenly, in the middle of the night, WHAM! Im hit with everything all at once. At those moments, there isnt much to do but grab some paper and pen and try to scribble down a couple of the word pictures flying around inside my head. I call those times Creative Days because my so-called creative juices arent just flowing, theyre overflowing!

icon Unspoken Conflict

icon Poetry

icon Determination

icon Victory

icon Metamorphosis

icon Hope From Ashes

icon Stolen Moments

icon Free Me

icon Subway Rider

icon Inferno

icon New Beginnings

icon After Lights Out

icon The Poet Inside of Me

icon Cancer Patient

icon Ode to an English Major

icon Thunderstorm

icon In Sympathy

icon Broken

icon Blessed Land of Liberty

icon O Moon

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