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Abstract Thoughts: Page 3

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Still at it, eh? Well, here are some more poems. Please check back often, as I am writing at a very rapid pace. Oh, and when you have finished reading the remaining poems on this last page, it might be a good idea to reboot your computer and take at least a 5 minute power nap in order to give your poor brain and abused computer some time to recooporate! :-)

I think about poetry many times a day, whether analyzing my own pieces and the works of others, or wondering about what makes a poem good, and why people write poetry. I write often, but especially when I am depressed. One explanation for this is that I am trying to work through the rage, bitterness, or sadness that I am experiencing at that moment. If I can describe those feelings on paper, perhaps I can understand why I feel that way and how to avoid it.

When I see those words that adequately represent and symbolize my emotions, I can separate myself from them and walk away, leaving the darkness behind. Writing poetry allows me to release my emotions. By pouring my thoughts on paper I transform my feelings into something tangible, something that I can tear up, embrace, forget, or walk away from.

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