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Abstract Thoughts: Page 1

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My junior picture

It is my goal that when someone reads one of my poems, they look up with tears in their eyes or that when they have read the last line, they are unable to say anything but "Wow!". If after you have read my poetry, you have a reaction similar to the ones I have described, then I have succeeded.

I was scrolling through my poem links one day and, when it took me several hours to reach the bottom of that one page, I decided that it might be time to add links taking you, my naive and innocent victim, to page 1, page 2, page 3, etc of my poems. Each page, once full, will have the links of 20 poems. The higher the page number, the newer the poem. And the date I wrote the poem should be at the top of the screen. Enjoy!!!

icon The Flame Within

icon Surfer Girl

icon Loving Each Other With Their Eyes

icon Useless Apology


icon An Explanation for the Blind

icon In Need Of A Shepherd

icon The Beat

icon Experience

icon Days Gone By

icon Just A Little Bit More

icon Who Is This Man?

icon The Music

icon February 14

icon The Garden Ball

icon Walking On Eggshells

icon Wanted: A Friend

icon Journey

icon The First Day

icon Daisy

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