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My Woodworking Projects

A little histry about myself here, woodworking is actually how I got started on building web sites. My first site I ever built was supposed to be about woodworking. However, the way it turned out, I never did actually put any links or info of any kind about woodworking on it. In fact I never really did anything with that site. It was a pretty pitaful attempt at a site, but hey, we all have to start somewhere now don't we?

Well now, that brings us to here and this site. Below, you will find pictures of some of the woodworking projects I have done, to see a full-size image of any of the pictures below, just click on the picture and it will pop up a new window with the full size picture. Enjoy.

Butterfly for Meagan This is one of the last things I have made in quite awhile, I made this butterfly for Meagan for Christmas a few years ago. The detail in this butterfly is amazing if I do say myself! I worked for about 2 months on this between sawing it out on my scroll saw and finishing it. Something I do with all of my fretwork that I don't see many other people do is to actually do more finish work than just cut it out and put finish on it. On this piece I used needle files and rounded off the corners on each of the cutout holes, this took me as long to do as cutting it out but the quality is that much better. If I counted correctly there is 202 cutout in this piece. To see a couple more pictures click the below links:

Butterfly Image #1 Butterfly Image #2
Ball in Cage

Ball in Cage This was something I made playing with my scrollsaw after I got it for christmas some time back. It is a very rough project, but I have always had fun playing with it. A very simple thing; if you can't tell from the picture, it has a wooden ball inside of a "cage." You have to carve it with the ball in there - the ball cannot come out becouse it doesn't fit between the bars. Ball in Cage

Nickle Holder I don't really have names for the woodworking that I do, but for this site I just called this cup the "Nickle Holder" because that is what it does, it sits on my dresser and holds spare change. I have one for Nickles, dimes, etc. I really liked this design. It has really good proportions, I think. As a sidenote, all my lathe work is origonal as I couldn't follow a pattern if I wanted, and I also cannot make two pieces the same even if I try :-) Change Dish

Maple Cup This is either the first or the second thing I ever made on a lathe, I don't really remember which, but it is a very nice little cup made from hard maple. Hard maple is my favorite wood to work with on the lathe, not because of the way it looks, but because of the way it feels when you are turning it. The wood just peels off while you are working with it. It does not chip and your chisels don't chatter on the wood, so I have made many things out of maple for this reason. Also, another thing to note about this cup is how it fits in your hand. It fits perfectly in your hand, so I also play with this cup a good bit. Hard Maple Cup

The Goblet This is a really unique piece of wood. It is extremely curly ash so it was a really challenging piece to work with as you would barely touch the chisle to it and it would chip and break, so I had to be really careful and turn it at a very high speed. I won first prize at the local fair with this one, as I have with quite a few of my projects. The sad thing about this piece is that it is yet another of my lowly change dishes. Someday when I have a house of my own it will get a better place though. Curly Ash Goblet

Change Dishes Not much to say about this picture. I have talked about most of the pieces above except the one that is almost a circle. This is the one I keep the dimes in on my dresser - a very simple one that was fun to make. Group of Cups

Country Heart I made quite a few of these types of shelves and sold most of them at sales and craft sales. They are very easy to make and many people liked them. One neat thing to note is the way I have them attached to the wall. You remove the pegs that the candles hang on and the screws are behind them. The reason I point this out is that there was a big article in "Wood Magazine" on how bright a high school kid was for thinking of doing this. However, I had been doing this for a couple of years already and I was younger than him, of course, I never got into wood magazine. :-) Heart Shelf

Antique Lamp This is the only lamp I have ever made that I liked. It was made on the lathe out of hard maple which I said above is my favorite wood to work with on the lathe. I had to soak this one with linseed oil for about a month because it had a crack about a quarter inch wide from the heat of turning it. Over time mad, the linseed made the crack close up and it looked great. I then finished it with a thick layer of beeswax. The neat thing about having the linseed oil and the beeswax is that the lamp aged very quickly and now looks like an antique, even though it is only a couple years old. Lamp

Maple Heart This is another one of the country heart shelves and isn't really all that important. I have never hung it up and used it, but maybe when I get my own house I will. Maple Heart Shelf

Grandma's Rocker This is the only woodburning I could find to put on the page here. I have done many of these because they are very easy to do. However, I am not that good at it. My Mom likes this one and it is hanging in our kitchen. Woodburned Rocker

Teddy the Bear You want to talk about a pain, this was a pain! I spent many an hour on this little thing. However, when it was done, it turned out to be incredible! This was the only project I ever made in intarsia. Toward the end of the project, I almost messed the whole thing up; I was putting the finish on it and because it was in the middle of January, my shop was too cold for the finish to dry so I had a space heater beside it. Well, it ended up that I put the heater too close to the piece and on my fourth layer of laquer, it all bubbled and I had to sand almost all of the finish off and start over. However, in the end it all worked out fine. Intaria Teddy Bear

Walnut Shelf This is one of my favorites because it just really looks nice. It is a scrollwork shelf made out of a black walnut burl, so this is a very rare shelf because walnut burls are hard to come by. I also won first place at the local fair with this and the Teddy Bear shown just above this. I only have two of my woodworking projects hung up in my room - this and the Teddy Bear above. A lot of people try to buy the things I make and try to get me to make things for them but I have stopped making things for other people because there is too much time invested for the little money you get. Plus, if someone buys it, they tend to not take as good of care of it, so now the only way you get something I make is if I give it to you. Walnut Shelf

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