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Think of that word for a minute - what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you see a scene like that from the poem footprints, where you see a beautiful sunset over a beach with two lovers walking hand in hand. However, is that all there is to poetry? I think not. Poetry is as much of a language as is English or JavaScript or even Hatred. All of these are used to express yourself, whether it be thought feelings, words, or even unreadable programming.

Poetry is like the language of the soul; it gives the soul a place to vent, to say what it is feeling, whether that be good or bad. And don't think that poetry is only for the brilliant the ones and those who are compleatly in touch with there feelings, or the most romantic. Everyone has poetry in them. Whether they write it down or say it, though, is a different thing.

For me, poetry lets me yell without saying a word. It also let me love for awhile without showing it, at least till I started going out with Meagan. Now, it is letting me tell what I have found in my partner of three years now.

Please read and see how I have changed since I started this page. Please note that the poems are listed in order that I wrote them, the ones at the top I wrote first and they go from there.

When you are done reading mine, go and write one of your own; make it into a webpage if you want to. But don't just sit on what you are thinking, it is too much of a waste.
My Poems

Words on a Page

Look in the Distance




Your Rose

The Meeting

The Path

Simple Things


Three Months


Look Through My Eyes

When Words Aren't Enough

Smiley Collector

King of My World

The Making of a Fairy Tale

Our Beginning

Reasons Why (I Love You)


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