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  This is the poem I sort of asked Meagan out with. I say sort of because I never technically asked her out but I did sent this poem to here one day when we were talking online, I told her that there was something special in it, I had to tell her that several times before she found it, actually though I have since found out that her mom used to be there whenever we talked online and would help her with what to write back and I guess she was actually the one that found Meagan's name in an acrostic down the side of the poem, but anyway that is how our whole dating relationship started.

The Path

Magnificent of a day it is
Embarking on my path once again
A path I have named life
Grand things I have seen walking this path daily
As I look about I can see other paths
Noiselessly I see people walking, some alone some with others.
But I can never seem to get to any of these paths
Abandoning my path has never seemed right to me
Readily I waited for someone to travel with
Rarely though did I see someone going the same direction as me
Yet sometimes people would run across my path
But they would only be on it for awhile
I have seen some come running back
Running from something ahead of me I suppose
But nobody had ever gone the same direction as me.
That was until a few days ago
I say a few days but here time is irrelevant
But anyhow awhile ago I saw you
You seemed to be going the same way as me
It scared me at first so I hid
I watched and followed you ever so carefully
I did not want to lose you, you see
I was afraid if you saw I was here you would run
But the more I watched you
The more I realized I had to know this person
The only person that could walk the same path as me
It tool every bit of courage in my cowardice heart to approach you
But you didnt seem surprised to see me step out of my hiding place
Then the smile on your face,
Glowing with heavenly care
It seemed to calm my mind
While at the same time making me more nervous
We talked most of that day
We talked about what we had seen on our path
We dreamed up many things that could be ahead of us.
But most of all we just talked about what we had right here
And to think I could have missed knowing you
Just because I was hiding, watching you from the comfort of invisibility
I dont know how long you will stay here with me
I dont know what our futures may hold
All I know is that I am not alone
Not anymore
Sure I will contemplate the future
But I will not miss this present time in doing so.
I can now look at other paths, and not wish for them
For I have all I need right here
I have a friend to which I can share
Each day, each thought, each feeling with
And with that I hope to share in every day and thought of yours.



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