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Picture of Marcus Hello and welcome to, of course you most likely have seen several pages of our work before getting to this page but I wanted to welcome you anyway. If you just want to see my poetry, woodworking, or computer stories, the links are to your left.

I thought I might use this intro page to introduce myself and the role I play at this site, so if you are intrested sit back and read away.

This whole site is created and maintained by two people, Meagan - the love of my life and soon to be wife, and Marcus - that would be ... well, me. This site started out with a very humble beginning. It was hosted at and was only one page. I used that page to post the poetry I wrote. Before I met Meagan, I had never shown anyone my poetry because I didn't want to get made fun of for it.

The next main jump for this site was when I met and started dating Meagan. I started putting some poetry of hers on the site, then she got tired of waiting on me to update the pages so she asked me to teach her HTML. After that, the site about exploded; she is very good at doing the bulk work on the site and turned this site from a couple of pages to the 400+ pages that you have here now.

If you spend much time here, you will see that Meagan probably has at least 10 times the information that I do on the site, so you can see how much work she does here. For the most part, I do all of the webpage layout and design and make the shell of the pages you see, then Meagan takes that and changes the colors, backgrounds, graphics, and information for her stuff. If you are very much into coding websites, take a look at our code - it gets pretty complicated. Every page has between 3 and 5 programming languages to create each page. Evey page on this site is hand coded. (With the exception of Meagan's Lord of the Rings section.) Meagan uses notepad to code and I use Kate (A great text editor for Linux).

Now for some of the cool stuff that has been happening at this site lately: We have made it to the top of Google for at least 30 keywords and are now getting about 1,000 hits from about 150 - 200 visitors a day. Our most popular pages are Meagan's dog's pages, about 40% of our traffic come to them, and for some reason we get a ton of traffic to our prom pictures. Besides that, the traffic is spread out among the rest of our pages. When we first switched over to, the server this site was hosted on was only a pentium 133 mhz with 40 megs of ram and a 2 gig drive, and it was running off from Meagan's DSL line. We were just about killing it and I was afraid that the server was going to crash from all of the traffic. Nowdays is being run off from its own dedicated server running at RackSpace in Houston Texas. I have started my own company called DoItSeeIt Technologies that builds custom websites. I also host websites for a hold host of people and companies, so if you need a website feel free to contact me.

Now as you can see from what I have written above, I am very much into computers. I work as a computer techniction. In my last job, I was the main contact for computer repair for 3 colleges. As for now, though, I have an easier job that has given me the time to try and start my own buisness building custom web databases. Now that I have told all of you that I am a computer guy, PLEASE do not email me asking how to fix your computer! IF I do reply back, which is unlikely, I will most likely tell you to install Linux and watch your computer problems disappear. And if you email me about linux, I will refer you to a really great place that I learned everything I know about linux.

And as to what is to come of, well I hope it continues to grow. Meagan and I have been talking about the future of this site (Don't worry we will never get rid of it or anything bad like that). I am stuck as to whether we should leave it as just a personal site or whether we should make it have poetry contest's and weekly email's from us. I am not sure yet what I would like to do with it; we have many visitors coming and a surprising amount adding us to there favorites and coming back on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email us.

I guess I will make this the end of this page. Please take some time to read some of my poems, take a look at my woodworking, and check out my computer stuff (I am writing a book that will be posted there when I am finished with it), and most important please sign our guestbook, I don't want to have programmed it for nothing :-) and we love to here from our visitors.


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