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  Ahhhh Computers on one hand a love of mine but yet on the other hand a curse given to me, you see I spend countless thousands of hours studying working playing learning how to do more with a computer, I set up wonderful things to show others, program in a way that not many understand, and enjoy the mystical art of understanding how it all ticks from the electrical impulses going down the buses of the motherboard, to how data is stored byte by byte on the hard drive, to how operating systems run, what makes them tick at the core, to really understanding how the web was built and the rules that it runs by, all this I have learned and more, but now onto my curse.

The curse of it all is not being able to go out into public without being hounded with everyone's computer problem of there own, all swarming like bees to honey to get your time to fix there computer, comeing home to listen to messages on your ansering machine from people you have never heard of before wanting free advice and help. And on top of that having all people think you are nothing other than a walking computer advise shop that is free and open 24/7 this is the curse of a computer tech.

However inspite of these negatives there is still something inside of me that makes me go on, the excitement as I figure out a problem in my code that has stumped me for 2 to 3 months, or showing someone for the first time an idea you have for a website and watching there face for a reaction, yes this is what keeps me going, always learning and always wanting to do more and more. My love and my curse right here on you screen in front of you. Please come and enjoy my success and and look upon my failures.


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