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About Us

It all started during the 1999 church "Silent Night" Christmas play. My Mom and I were in the choir, and Marcus was in the play. Up until that point, I hadn't really noticed Marcus and of course never talked to him because, I mean, guys are scary! Right? At least that's what I thought at the time. (Plus, Marcus looked so much older than me, and definately really hot, that I didn't even consider that he would ever even notice me.) When my Mom saw Marcus dressed in this all black suit, she said "Boy, I know who I'd be liking if I was in the youth group!" to which I hissed a reply "Oh, mother, be quiet!" like any girl would do. But I did start to watch this really cute guy named Marcus.

I watched Marcus for a month but I could not find anything out about him because Marcus is not a very open kind of person. January 31, 2000 was the Superbowl and there was a party at a youth group guy's house. I was not planing on going because I don't like football, however, my friend Jackie wanted to go and since she didn't know anyone at my youth group I went with her. I brought my diary with, because I always take it with me when I go on trips or spend the night at someone's house and I have everyone whose there write in it. I had some pictures in my diary, which also doubles as a scrapbook, that my friend Katie wanted to see. "Coincendently" Katie was sitting on the couch next to - guess who - Marcus! So I showed him the pictures, too, and ended up talking to him the rest of night because he didn't like football either!

The following Wednesday night, the youth group went roller skating and Marcus rode in the same car as me. At the roller rink, we talked for long periods of time and often skated in the same group. There were several couple skates and each one I contemplated asking Marcus to skate with me, but I just couldn't because I don't think that girls should ask guys out and asking Marcus to skate was too similar to that. The last couple skate was announced and Marcus looked over at me and asked, "Well, do you want to skate?" Of course, I said yes, with my heart pounding with joy. I was so excited! I told him about how I had wanted to ask him to skate with me and how I just couldn't do it. He seemed to agree me and we had a really nice time talking. I definately had a lot to tell Mom when I got home!

On Thursday, February 23, 2000, at about 9:00 p.m., the phone rang. I had already gone to bed and was in my room reading or writing in my diary so my Mom answered the phone. A minute later, she came into my room and said, "Marcus is on the phone!" I did not believe her and said, "No he isn't! Stop fooling around with me!" And my Mom's like, "He's really on the phone! Turn it on and see!" So I did, and sure enough, it was Marcus! I was even more surprised and excited than when he had asked me to skate with him! Marcus had called to ask me if I wanted to go to a basket ball game with him on Friday night, which obviously was the next night. Of course I said I'd love to, and then we sat there on phone, both of us wanting to talk but neither one of us having any clue as to what we were supposed to talk about, so we said good-bye and hung up. I don't know about Marcus, but I didn't sleep much that night! I then rushed out to tell my parents and as I told them what had happened, I remembered one very important thing: I hadn't asked my parents for permission! You see, my parents have a rule that my brothers and I cannot date until we are 16. But because my parents were familar with Marcus - they had seen and talked with him in church and my Dad had worked with him at youth group - they didn't raise a fus or anything. The other factor was that my 16th birthday was coming up in just a few weeks. It was still really funny.

Our first date was fun, and a bit awkward for me at least. After all, I had never been on a date before! After the basketball game, Marcus and I went to my favorite Mexican restuarant where I learned that he wrote poetry. At that point, I hadn't written much myself but I still enjoyed writing poetry and I said that I would show him some that I had written.

That Sunday I invited Marcus to come with my family to the movies. The movie was pretty good but what was even better was that afterwards, Marcus, my Dad and I went fourwheeling (we own 3 quads) at my house. It was so much fun! I was very nervous about sitting behind Marcus on the fourwheeler and even more about putting my arms around his waist to hang on! That night still remains one of my fondest memories.

We continued to hang out at youth group and church and he would come over on Sundays and we would work on the computer and stuff. We talked online nearly every night and one night while were talking, (Monday, March 20th), Marcus emailed me a poem that he had written entitled "The Path". In the poem, Marcus spelled out my name in accrostics. We finally admitted that we liked eachother, and I told Marcus that my poems "Second Period, English Class" and "Waiting, Watching, Wondering" were written about him. The following Wednesday, Marcus came over for dinner before youth group and we went down to my computer and I asked him, "So, are we going out now?" Marcus replied, "Yeah, I guess you could say that." So Marcus never really asked me out, which could never have happened because it was too weird, and I didn't have to ask him out, which I never could have done because I think that's up to the guy.

And we are living happily ever after! :-)


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